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Welcome - and Thank You!

It's been an incredible journey from hosting our first at-our-place party in January 2012 in Livermore, growing into the Sacramento metro area, and finding that while we've had a GREAT time being entrusted to host events for you and your little ones, it's also been a particularly challenging business model. (The rebounding economy that also afforded us reasonable rental rates in 2012 -- and 2013 in Sacramento -- is also such that the gap between expenses and revenue are ever-widening.)

As such, we have closed the doors of the remaining Livermore location (as of mid-October 2016).

We would like to thank you again for your support, patronage, and for choosing to party with us these past nearly five years!

~ Paul, Joe, Robby, Eric, Phil (and our Sacramento crew, Kathleen and Stephanie)